All my customers have been absolutely delighted with their CD/DVD/USB stick. Below please find the latest of the references:

Fast and friendly service. Excellent value. We are delighted with the results and can certainly recommend Corrie.
Many Thanks
Lynda & Eric Melvin

Rona Nickson
I am more than delighted with Corrie's work! She converted about 400 of my Dad's old 35mm slides to digital photos. Most were more than 50years old and the results were fabulous. Images were clear and sharp and brought back wonderful memories of childhood. Corrie is very responsive to email and has a very fast turnaround time. I highly recommend her excellent service.

Eddie Sandals
I sent 250, fifty year old slides for converting to USB. The whole process took less than a week. I was delighted with the excellent service and quality. Would highly recommend. 

Simon Holding
First class service and superfast turnaround that exceeded expectations..
Highly recommended!
Decades of treasured film negatives came back to life in USB digital format. Professional from start to finish. Thank you so much..

Gayle Ford
I sent my 40 year old wedding slides to Cornelia and was delighted to receive them back within a few days. Image quality was amazing, we were absolutely delighted with the results and also the price.

I will definitely be using Cornelia again and can highly recommend her.

Thank you for an excellent service!

Dave Schofield
Faultless service !
I sent Corrie my 35 year old slides on Monday, and they were back with me on Thursday morning along with copies on a USB drive !
The image quality from the USB is superb, ( TIFF ) , and really took me by surprise.
Very helpful, very fast service, very good quality !! What more can I say ?!! Highly recommended and many thanks.

Gill Oliver
I have just had nearly 450 slides converted to digital, some of which were nearly 60 years old and I am delighted with the results. The service was fast and friendly and the results are excellent.
Can not recommend highly enough.

Jackie Byford
Brilliant service again from Corrie. My slides were processed and finished the same day Corrie received them and I had the cd back by the end of the week!
I'd sent some particularly poor quality slides, but Corrie did a great job. 
Highly recommended. 
Many thanks 

Sue Blackburn
I have just received my first set of slides back from Corrie that have been sat up in my uncles loft for years. Per chance I came across Corries website and sent them off to her ! They are fabulous and contain lots of my family's history !
I would certainly recommend Corrie as she looks after them like they are her own ! she lets you know when she has received them and when she has returned them very fast turn around ! in fact I'm so delighted with them I have just packaged up lots more to send to Corrie in the morning ! Thank you so very much .

Nigel Arding
I have just received the slides back with astonishing speed and having already viewed the results from the CD-ROM, am absolutely delighted with the results. Such helpful and efficient service too. After starting out randomly looking at similar services on Google (many of which seemed decidedly opaque on the terms, quality and speed of service), your service immediately struck me as being clear and straightforward - reinforced by your excellent customer reviews. My instincts have proved well founded! A few years ago I did try converting slides myself with a USB gizmo, which proved a really tedious and time consuming process with disappointing results; yours are in a totally different league!

Ruth Coles
I was a little dubious as the mainstream shops were charging so much and Corrie was'nt but need'nt have worried. Every question was answered promptly and was led by what I wanted rather than to fit in with a company (talking about you Jessops) The slides were returned within five days with the disc and they were fabulous. Took to Boots to turn into a photobook and the results of 45 year old slides were amazing even better than appeared on the disc. I would heartily recommend Corrie and to take the chance with any old slides before they degrade beyond hope.

Linda Williams
Absolutely thrilled with my DVD. Corrie was so helpful and every email I sent was answered so quickly. I really can't praise Corrie enough from the first time I contacted her to the finished DVD arriving on my doorstep.
Unbelievable quick return..I was a little dubious as the mainstream shops were charging so much and Corrie was'nt but need'nt have worried. Every question was answered promptly and was led by what I wanted rather than to fit in with a company (talking about you Jessops) The slides were returned within five days with the disc and they were fabulous. Took to Boots to turn into a photobook and the results of 45 year old slides were amazing even better than appeared on the disc. I would heartily recommend Corrie and to take the chance with any old slides before they degrade beyond hope.. almost 300 slides took less than a week

Paul Oliver 
Corrie transferred 250+ slides for me from nearly 50yrs ago, some of the pictures were not of very good quality but Corrie did what she could for me and informed me of this.
I was more than happy with the results and will definitely be using her services again for some negatives I would like converting 
Thanks again Corrie

Julie Boucher
Wow what an unbelievable service x
If you have any worries or doubts, dismiss them.
Corrie has just guided me through transferring approx 1500 family photos from albums spanning 25 years onto memory sticks for my children to treasure into the new digital age.
The scanning quality is wonderful and so thoughtfully presented it is just a delight to see.
From start to finish it has been a pleasure to work with Corrie and cant recommend her work enough x
You are amazing Corrie thank you so much xx

David Fletcher
This lady is unbelievable.  She has taken some old slides and transferred them to CD.  She acknowledges receipt of your slides and informs you when she is returning them.  The whole process took less than a week, granted it was for a small number of slides, and the results are superb.  The prices were so reasonable, I wondered what the results would be like.  I am delighted and amazed.

Lynn Bennetts
Thank you so much Corrie - 241 slides and photos turned around in less than a week. Outstanding quality, and I can now carry on to complete my 'Family History', which had seemed an impossible task and I am delighted I found your website!  Many thanks!

Niki Ward
Corrie has just returned some slides from 1969 from a family trip to Africa.  Second to none speedy service. Thank you.

Dr Roger Cornish
Both the slides and CD arrived safely this morning - for which many thanks.  I am very, very impressed by the rapid turn-around and the excellent quality of the results - many of these slides were taken in less than ideal circumstances!  Moreover, the covering image on the CD was most imaginative and will aid rapid location of the images in future.  All-in-all a first rate service!

Roger Halliday
Slides arrived back this morning, thank you. Well, what can I say! Absolutely fantastic. Some of these slides date back to the 1960s and have been in boxes unseen for at least half of that time.  I am so glad I found you and wish to say thank you for superb reproductions.  I would certainly recommend your service to anyone.

To end, I want to thank you for bringing back my memories.

Lee Blackshaw
What an excellent, friendly, reliable and cost effective service. What more is there to say apart from thank you Corrie!

Richard Jones
Dear Corrie
You already know from our previous correspondence how delighted Barbara and I - and our children and grandchildren - are with the 500+ slides and negatives you digitised for us six months ago.  Some of them were getting on for sixty years old and they bring back memories as if they were yesterday.  I've just received the little top-up batch which you obviously posted back to me within a day of receiving them and they're just as pleasurable. I think I've come to the end of my trawl through old boxes, but I don't have to tell you who I'll be in touch with if I do come across any more.

Ken Lloyd
Very pleased with results of the slides to  DVD/CD transfers.  Turnaround was less than a week.  A quick response to any queries and unsurpassed after-sales service.

David Storer
Dear Corrie, absolutely delighted with the results and fast turnaround.  Posted 57 slides and within five days returned with pictures put onto CD.  The picture quality was superb considering the slides were nearly 45 years old, they brought back great memories and my family had such a good laugh looking back.  Would recommend you no problem.

Chris Caine
Dear Corrie, Absolutely fantastic!  You have done wonders with my old photographs.  My children will be delighted now that they can have a set each!  Hooray for technology!  Amazingly fast service and you were so good at answering all my questions.  A huge thank you.

Cathy Gomm
Dear Corrie, if only all customer service was as flawless as yours.  Excellent communication and excellent delivery.  The slides I sent you were over 50 years old, they were in poor condition but you did what you could with them and I am so happy with the results.  To see images I haven't seen for decades has brought a tear to my eyes but a smile to my face.  Thank you again.  My husband is now digging out a bundle of slides for you to work your magic on.

Christine and Allen Pibworth
First class service.  Very quick turnaround.  We are so pleased with the DVD and thoroughly recommend Corrie Jeffery.  She has been so helpful, with advice and support.

Mr W Moore
Just like to say thank you again to Corrie for her excellent work.  Fast turn around and great communication.  Don't spend hjours searching the web, the best is here.

Mr David Smith
Brilliant.  Thrilled with the results.  40 year old slides, gathering dust, transformed overnight into wonderful memories.  Sent on Tuesday and returned on Friday.  Do not hesitate, every recommendation is true.  I recommend wholeheartedly and without reservation.  You will not be disappointed.

Mrs Julie Barnes
After I lost my Dad, I wanted to get copies of his slides for myself and my siblings.  Naturally, I was nervous about entrusting all our childhood memories to the postal system and to an unknown company.  I shose this site after reading the reviews and took advantage of the free trial.  Corrie was very helpful and guided me through the format choises and recommended I use Royal Mail tracked and signed for service.  My trial slides were returned with completed disc in 2 days and the main order in 3 days.  I am very pleased with the results and would defintely use Corrie again.

Mr J Timson
Thank you Corrie once again for your excellent services.  Another CD arrived this morning just three days from posting the slides and I'm so delighted with the results that I've been busy all day sorting them on the computer; down-loading, cropping, removing a few slight blemishes with the help of Picasa and starting to share them with friends on Facebook.  Now with a few hundred prints to go at, it will be a real pleasure burning some CDs of my choice to share with the family for Christmas.  You've brought the past into the present Corrie, many thanks once again.

Mr M Walker
'Cornelia's' latest satisfied customer.  I first made contact with her a couple of years ago, and we found that we had Zaandam in Holland in common, she has a sister there and I have a niece!  She has now transferred 1000 of my slides onto DVDs for the twelve slide shows I do, improving many of them and following all my detailed instructions.

Thanks Corrie - I recommend you absolutely without reservation; try her out - you'll be amazed.

Mrs L Warren
Corrie's turnaround is exceptional and the correspondence while processing is very reassuring.  Do not be afraid of sending what I term as moth eaten ie slightly mouldy, as the results were really good considering they were about 50 years old.  Morning taken up with coffee, cake and a trip down memory lane. What a friendly site, I can thoroughly recommend Corrie's work.

Mr T Davies 
You've ruined my planned morning of essential housework - thank you.   'Happy' is far too weak a word for the result - delight, pleasure, joy, past happiness recalled, and maybe a tear under the smile.   I hope my enthusiastic recommendations bear some benefit for you.   
Thank you  for your care and professionalism.

Mr J Bryce 
This website turned out to be a real find! Excellent communication and an impressive end result.  Some of our wedding slides were so dark, we really didn't know what they contained but I sent them away and Corrie coverted them into very viewable photos.  Although most of the slides were about 40 years old, you would think from the photos that they were taken yesterday! Thank you for a very efficient service.

Mrs J Garratt 
I can oly endorse what everyone has said.  Having had Corrie process two lots of slides - I found another 800 whilst spring cleaning during the recent snow - I can say that she provides the most perfect service and I feel I know her.  It's wonderful to throw away the slides and their boxes but to keep the images in modern form.  She's a star.

Mrs and Mrs L Hughes 
We can but echo all that is said below.  Over 1000 slides, some of poor quality, have been transformed into a convenient and instantly recognisable record of our family history.  All this was done promptly, pleasantly and at a very reasonable price.  We recommend her unreservedly.

Dave Clarkson 
Wow, Corrie, what an exceptional service you provide!  I posted 54 of my slides to you on Wednesday and they arrived back with the CD the following Monday, and that was in the middle of the Christmas postal rush.  I am absolutely delighted with the results; you have produced an excellent image from each of the slides, the oldest of which are from 1969.  I think that your attention to detail and the care that you take in producing the finished product is summed up by the obvious thought that you put into selecting one of the images to print onto the CD, itself a very nice surprise and the icing on the cake.  That image was only one of two in the slides that I sent which show all of the family, it was taken in 1974.  Christmas will give me and the family the opportunity to look through more of our slide collection to select more of them to send for you to work your magic on.

Mr N Plunket 
What a find!  One can trawl all the websites which offer the transfer of slides/photographs to CD/DVD but, in the end, one has to make a choice.  I decided to contact Corrie and my experience has been well beyond all expectations.  A very helpful exchange of emails explaining exactly what was required and what could be expected.  I sent a number of old negatives going back to the 1920s which were returned with a CD two days later - what a service and at a most reasonable cost!  The quality was excellent and the photographs which had never been seen before by the family caused much merriment among the great grandchildren and grandchildren!  

Besides the exchange of helpful emails, Corrie is a delightful and friendly lady with whom to speak and she will give useful advice on your paritcu;ar project.  In the present world, where regretably service is a thing of the past, Corrie re-builds that aspect of life which is so missed by those of us of an advancing age!  Thank you for an initial task very well done - another is on its way today and other will follow.  Corrie you are a gem of a find as expressed by your other customers.

Mrs B Ward 
I am thrilled with my slideshows and am amazed how quickly Corrie processed my order, the quality is excellent.  A service second to none! 

Mr B and Mrs L Kennington 
We would like to say how pleased we are with the discs, we had almost given up being able to get the 120 film slides transferred.  The memories came flooding back and are now much more accessible and the quality is excellent.  Previously the slides just languished away on a drawer, no doubt gradually deteriorating.  In addition the serive was unbelievable, delivered to you and collected just 48 hours later was amazing. 

Mr B Brown 
Corrie has just converted about 900 35mm slides for me and I am delighted with the results.  She is very professional and you can rely on her absolutely, The quality of her work is excellent and I don't know how she manages to process and return them so quickly.  She also communicates via email very well at every stage. 

Mr & Mrs Matthews 
The service I had from Corrie was out of this world, when my CD came back after only 4 days, I could hardly believe the amazing job that had been done for me.  My slides of our children were over 40 yrs, so the memories came back to life for us, wonderful.  Corrie is very professional, very helpful.

Patricia Abbott 
My parents had over 2000 slides lying in boxes for over 40 years.  I searched the net and found Corrie's website.  It seemed the perfect place to get our slides converted and Corrie seemed so helpful and pleasant.  I sent the slides on a Friday and received them back on the following Tuesday.  What a fabulous service.   The results are wonderful and we are all delighted.  We can't thank Corrie enough for her help.  The slideshow is just wonderful to watch and for us all to re-live old memories is just super.  The quality is very professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending Corrie to anyone looking for this service.  She is a lovely lady to deal with.  My sincere thanks.  Kindest regards, Patricial Abbott.

Testimonial - J G Cook - Walsall
Dear Corrie,
Thank you so much for the DVD slideshow which we received today - processed and delivered in under 7 days.
Due to my poor photography, you have literally made a silk purse out of a pig's ear.  this blending in of each slide is excellent, and the added musical background really makes the whole presentation superb.  I have checked various websites and your prices are most competitive but without sacrificing on quality.  I will most certainly use your services again, and would receommend you to anyone requiring this type of work.
Once again Corrie, thank you so much.

Carol Norrie 
I had 300 slides that had gathered dust for over 45 years, and didn't know what to do with them.  I heard they could be put onto a DVD/CD.  Wanting to leave visual memories for my children/grandchildren, I looked on the 'net' and, purely by chance, chose to send them to Corrie.

The service I received was second to none:  I received my DVD within 4 days, have viewed the photos and printed many of them for my family.

I have already recommended Corrie to a relative, and would say to anyone reading this - if you are looking for quality, excellent customer service, reliability, good value fo rmoney - and above all, revisiting the past visually - get in touch with Corrie Jeffery.

A brilliant service - I cannot thank you enough.

Miss J Byford, Welwyn Garden City sent the following reference which she said I could put onto my website:

This service was recommended to me by a friend who had also been delighted with the results.  She knew that I'd previously spent £100 to get just 60 slides put onto a disc at a well-known High-street outlet (and that was with my discount as a regular customer!) and that I'd had to be ruthless with the ones I'd chosen to be transferred in order to keep the costs down.  Because the price with Corrie was such great value, I was able to get every slide worth keeping, copied.  I would have cost me over £200 at the High Street, as opposed to less than £40 incl. P&P.

My disc was back with me within an incredible 4 days - the slides I' sent were over 40 years old and some weren't in great condition, but I was chuffed to bits with the results which came back to me on a disc emblazoned with one of the photos - a lovely personal touch not given on the High Street!!  The communication with Corrie was great - I sought advice from her before I sent the slides , and she let me know the day they were received.,  This is a very safe, professional, quality service and absolutely unbeatable value.  I would definitely recommend it and only wish my friend had discovered Corrie before I had wasted that 100.00 on the High Street!

Precious Memories
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