Slides, photographs and negatives:

1 to 100 slides/photos           -  50p per image + £5 P&P
101 to 250 slides/photos       -  40p per image + £6 P&P
250 to 1000 slides/photos    -   35p per image + actual P&P costs
over 1000 slides/photos        -   30p per image + actual P&P costs

Extra CD/DVD -   £1.50
USB memory stick - £5 
Tiff scanning   -   10p extra per image
Negatives -   15p extra per image
No charge for transferring files via WeTransfer

(minimum £10 charge + £5 P&P) 

Included in the price is:
  • A personalised CD/DVD
  • transferring at 4000 dpi to CD or DVD 
  • Dust and small scratch removal 
  • ICE4 technology for crisp and sharp pictures and restoring faded colours
  • Scanning on 'fine scanning' which scans each slide twice
  • Checking every image in Photoshop and make any corrections manually. 
  • colour restoration for faded photographs
  • red eye removal
Price List
Precious Memories

Ordering cannot be easier: just parcel up your slides, enclosing a cheque, your name, address and telephone number and send to me.  It would be helpful if you could send me an email informing me that it has been dispatched.  I always confirm safe delivery.

I always suggest you send your slides recorded delivery.

For orders up to 250, please enclose a cheque for the full cost + postage.

For orders over 250, please enclose a cheque for 50% of the cost, this will be deducted from your invoice when returning the slides + CD/DVD to you.

Please make cheques payable to Mrs C Jeffery.

Corrie Jeffery
Please note I do not produce prints from slides.