Convert your slides, photographs or negatives into a digital archive of lasting memories!

How many treasured memories are held on 35 mm slides from the '60s and '70s that are languishing at the back of your cupboards?  If shoe boxes crammed with forgotten images clutter your cupboards, I may be the answer to your spring/summer/winter cleaning blues. 

Do you want to get rid of these bulky photo albums?  I can transfer all of your photos into digital format onto a DVD or memory stick, using named folders for each album.  This includes restoring faded colours and scratch remover. 

I can digitise your photographsslides and negatives to CD, DVD, USB memory stick or via WeTransfer.  A USB memory stick is the best option, you can move images around, re-name them, add your own photos to the memory stick etc.  You cannot do any of these things on a CD or DVD.  If you have a USB slot on your TV, you can view the images from the USB stick on your TV.  

With your photo's digitised, a trip down memory lane only requires a few mouse clicks or your TV remote.  See my 'Services' section for an explanation of formats.  A CD holds about 150 images, a DVD about 600, a USB memory stick holds thousands. Please note that images on a USB memory stick produces better pictures on your TV than a CD!  I can also transfer the images directly via WeTransfer.  You will be sent a link to download directly to your PC.

I don't believe in cutting corners. When scanning slides to, I believe it's attention to detail that counts. I use high spec vertical Nikon scanners for slides (for detailed information please go to my 'Services' section). This includes dust and scratch removal and I use the latest ICE4 technology for crisp, sharp and top quality pictures. I always scan at the highest resolution of 4000 dpi for slides.  I use a professional Epson V850 Pro flatbed scanner for photographs, also including ICE4 technology, using between 600 and 1000 dpi depending on the size of the photograph.  

My reputation is built on high quality, fast turnarounds and excellent customer service, as will be apparent when you look at some of the comments of previous 
customers. Unlike large anonymous companies, I provide a personal, friendly, professional and speedy service.

My normal turnaround time is 1 week. However, this is not always achievable and it depends on my workload
Precious Memories - slides to digital images
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Corrie Jeffery
A word of warning:  There are machines for transferring slides and negatives to your computer on the market under £100.  These do not have the ICE4 technology and cannot cope with discoloured slides (most slides get discoloured over time) nor can they cope with any scratches or blotches.  You cannot expect the same results from machines costing under £100 to the professional Nikon machines costing around £3000!  

I will be away from 24th May until 15th June.